Mother’s Day

I love Mother’s Day but I get it’s not for everyone and can be a difficult time for so many. I am so lucky to still have my Mum and she plays such an important role in my small business. It’s been so lovely to have her helping out. She is a fantastic seamstress, my creative side must come from her! She has now taken on the role as my chief sewer!!! Helping out with our beautiful new personalised cushions. I am pleased to say they have been super popular. I am really hoping to be tagged in your lovely photos on our social media pages.

Mother’s Day hasn’t always been a great day for me though. Having struggled to fall pregnant with our Rosie and after 7 years of infertility it was a difficult time. I never take it for granted and feel so blessed. We had a bit of a hectic start to the week. Finishing up orders so that I could get them posted off in time. Rosie takes it all in her stride! Thankfully she’s well established in her home education and we plan out our week so she has everything she needs so she can work independently when I am busy! 

Today was a better morning, Rosie was working on some creative writing and we were both sat at our dinning table together. I was cutting out lettering for a cushion order and we were chatting back and forth about her story! Being a Mummy is such a privilege, something I don’t take for granted. I hope she looks back on her younger years and remembers these times and not the stressed out Mum madly wrapping orders and shouting at her printer that never bloody works!

I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day, however you spend it and I send so much love to those who need it.

Carly xxx

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